• Dealer Inquiries

    At Dreamscreens we work directly with industry professionals to achieve their goals. If you are a contractor, builder, designer, decorator and or related product manufacturer please contact us. Continue reading “Dealer Inquiries”

  • Business Relations

    Business Relations
    Dreamscreens is in the business of making homes, offices and buildings look great. We provide the very best retractable screens, both manual screens and power screens for residential and commercial applications. Our screens are the envy of the industry. As the manufacturer and distributor, we stand behind our product. Continue reading “Business Relations”

  • Screen Rooms

    Want to enjoy the great outdoors but would rather stay home? Interested in a relaxing beverage after hours on your porch, but without the bother of mosquitoes or other pests? If you answered yes to either question, then a screen room from Dreamscreens Canada Inc. is the perfect solution to enjoying fresh air while avoiding the more discomforting aspects of Mother Nature. Continue reading “Screen Rooms”

  • Why Buy a Screened in Porch?

    After years of neglect, after playing second fiddle to the living room, basement, or patio, the porch is finally starting to gain as much respect as the rest of your house. Why? Because the porch — rear, front, side, or whole house — is the last untapped source of relaxation the average homeowner can find that has so much potential. For this very reason, more homeowners are considering the benefits of a screened in porch than ever before, and no company in the Greater Toronto Area can help a porch realize its full potential more than the experts at Dreamscreens Canada Inc. Continue reading “Why Buy a Screened in Porch?”

  • Why Buy a French Screen Door from Us?

    Whether you are interested in a completely new screened in porch or a French screen door for an existing enclosure, there is no company in the Greater Toronto Area with a wider selection of styles at affordable prices than Dreamscreens Canada Inc. For more than a decade, we have been Canada’s leading retailer of the finest retractable screens available and can match a product to your needs, style, or budget. Continue reading “Why Buy a French Screen Door from Us?”