Dreamscreens warrants that the product sold shall be free from defects in material and workmanship and shall conform to specifications for as long as the original purchaser owns/resides at that residence. The word “defects”, as used in this warranty, is defined as imperfections, which impair the utility of the product. This warranty is in effect from the date of original purchase provided that the product has been installed in accordance with the product installation instructions using generally accepted trade practices and routinely serviced. Routine service would include keeping the guide rails and screen mechanism free of dirt, sand, or debris and as further prescribed in the product Service and Maintenance Guidelines. Dreamscreens obligation under the warranty shall be, at the company’s election, to repair or replace any parts deemed defective Replacement parts are free of charge, F.O.B. Oakville, Ontario or may be obtained from the local authorized Dreamscreens dealer.

Labor is included for a period of twelve months from the date of purchase provided an authorized Dreamscreens dealer or factory-trained representative installed product. Any labor required after the twelve months will be charged for accordingly. The screen mesh material is not covered in this warranty and the warranty does not cover damages to the product caused by improper operation, storage, cleaning, misuse, accidents, intentional human acts, negligence or acts of God. In addition, this warranty does not apply to any Dreamscreens products used in commercial applications or that have been repaired or altered without the company’s expressed consent.

Dreamscreens are not designed or intended to act as a security device or to prevent access by any individual, small children or animals. Dreamscreens does not warrant that the products meet the requirements of any safety code of any province, municipality, or other jurisdictions.

This warranty represents Dreamscreens entire liability and the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy in lieu of all others. Liability for any damages, including but not limited to general, special, indirect, incidental, consequential, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages and economic loss, as well as breach of any expressed or implied warranties of merchantability, quality and fitness for any purpose other than as expressly stated herein is disclaimed and excluded to the extent such disclaimers and exclusions are permitted by law.


Congratulations on the purchase of your new Dreamscreens. We have established the following simple guidelines to assist you in caring for and maintaining your Dreamscreens to ensure years of trouble free service:

Always keep Dreamscreens stored in the retracted position when not in use. When the screen is retracted safely in the housing, there is no exposure to potentially damaging environmental elements and the life of the screen mesh will be extended substantially longer. If the screen remains in the open or screening position for prolonged periods of time it will reduce spring effectiveness and cause the mesh to stretch and eventually sag. Just remember when you open the door, open your screen and when you close the door to retract your screen.

Be sure to keep the bottom guide rail free of dirt, sand and debris that may affect door performance. Periodic vacuuming of the track and the lower screen housing is highly recommended. The track should be vacuumed using a narrow nozzle when the screen is in the retracted position and the lower housing when in the open or screening position.

If the Dreamscreens have not been used in a while or are not opening smoothly. they may require lubrication. Always use a greaseless silicone spray or even a furniture wax such as Pledge. Other sprays like WE-40can attract dirt and reduce the effectiveness of the doors operation. Simply apply a small quantity along the front edge of the top and bottom tracks and cycle the door open and closed several times. Wipe off any excess and this should restore the smooth operation of your door.

Remember that the door uses a spring to keep tension on the screen and will retract abruptly if the handle is released or the mesh material is pushed in. Always retract the screen slowly using the handle to guide the screen evenly into the housing. Numerous abrupt or sudden retractions may eventually cause damage to the product and it is recommended that those using the door be educated on how the product functions.

Dreamscreens are very easy to see through and may not be noticed when the screen is in the open screening position. To prevent an accidental walkthrough, you may want to consider weaving a bright colored thread through the screen at eye level or using a decorative stencil with acrylic paint to create a design Even small thin vinyl adhesive back decals may work to call attention to the screen. Just be sure that the thread or decals are thin enough as to not impair screen operation.

It is normal for the screen material to sometimes sail outside of the tracks during very windy conditions and our exclusive deep top track design helps to reduce this situation from occurring. However if this does occur, simply reduce the cross ventilation pressure on the screen, retract the screen and open it again causing the screen to automatically reset itself.


The following tips are offered to assist Dreamscreens owners with identifying a potential cause of a problem and how to correct the discrepancy.

Drag or hesitation while operating the door when new is almost always due to the guide rails being out of square to the frame. Make sure the angle between make this check, pull the screen across so that it is open in the screening position. Set a carpenter square on the top edge of the lower guide rail slide the square against the side of the vertical screen housing to check for square. It the angle is more than 90 degrees, the top guide rail may need to be shortened and the top of the screen housing moved in towards the door opening.

Another indication that the door is out of square is if there is a “waviness” or “bunching” in the bottom of the screen when the door is being retracted. If this condition exists, check for square as indicated by the previous tip.

Drag or hesitation can also be caused initially if the top and bottom guide rails are not fully inserted into the clips located on the either end of the housing or jamb support magnet. Check to be sure that the rail guides are fully inserted flush against these components. If the top and bottom guide rails are not cut even or square on the ends, the rail guide may not insert fully. Also, be sure that the gold colored housing clips are snapped tight against the top and bottom housing end caps so that they are flush against caps and the boss on the housing end caps protrudes through the slot on the clips. These clips can be partially raised or elevated during the installation process and must sit flat.

If the top or bottom guide rail is pinched, bowed or dented, it can create an out of parallel condition and can cause excessive drag or hesitation. If the guide rails are installed so they are not parallel or damaged in this way, they will need to be brought into a parallel condition and possibly replaced. The most common problem is with the lower guide rail caused by sitting on an uneven surface. Set the level on top of the bottom guide rail and check for level or bowing. If there is a gap or rocking under any part of the level it may be necessary to add shims to achieve a parallel or level condition.

If the door sticks or fails to close completely, dirty guide rail problem. Clean and lubricate the rails as described in the “Service & Maintenance Guidelines” and this should resolve the problem.

Should the screen mesh material become creased due to a fold, it can easily be removed by using a hair dryer. Open the screen so that it is in the screening position and flatten the screen mesh so that it is no longer folded. Then using a hair dryer in the high heat and maximum air selling, direct the flow on the creased area from approximately 6″ away and the crease will disappear in seconds.

For additional assistance please call your local authorized Dreamscreen dealer or our tech support line at 905-849-6500

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