Thresholds, sometimes referred to as sills or transition strips are valuable accessories that can be used when installing a Dreamscreen Retractable Screen Door. For most installations the standard threshold is used.There are three types of Dreamscreens thresholds. Standard thresholds, Flat thresholds, and Drop Mount or Step thresholds.

STANDARD Threshold: The front threshold is shaped very much like the standard threshold, except that it has an interlocking groove that matches up with the lower guide rail. It also has a cut out to allow the Teflon-impregnated piece to slide by unobstructed.

FLAT Threshold: The flat threshold shown here is between the lower guide rail on the left and a section of the Dreamscreen standard threshold on the right

Step Or Drop Threshold : Sometimes there’s no existing or sill or there’s a step up that must be addressed. Here we use a “Step” threshold to create a foundation for the bottom track. Unlike other types, this threshold gets installed before the Dreamscreen.






Installation Mounting Options

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