Retractable door and window screens are an excellent addition to any dwelling. Whether you need one for your backyard door, windows throughout your home, or to enclose your outdoor space, retractable screens can increase the aesthetic appeal and property value of your home. Combining functionality and style, retractable screens also allow Canadians to get more use out of their outdoor spaces during the cold winter months. Unfortunately, patio season just isn’t long enough in many parts of the Great White North and many Canadians are forced to stay indoors due to the cold. Installing high-end retractable screens gives you and your family the chance to spend more time on your patio and use it as an extension of your home even during the winter.

Retractable Screens

At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., our goal is to educate our clients on the benefits of retractable screens and provide them with the right solutions to get the most out of their outdoor space!

What Are Retractable Screens and How Do They Work?

Retractable screens are made of a durable and flexible fabric that conveniently retracts into a sturdy, sleek, and compact housing unit. The purpose is to reduce exposure to the wind, rain, and sun, and provide privacy all year-round. Perfect for covered patios, under decks, porches, lanais, balconies, terraces, gazebos, bi-fold doors, nana walls, shading on picture windows, or converting a garage into a workshop or playroom, retractable screens in Toronto have many benefits.

At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., all of our products are carefully engineered and customizable to fit in perfectly with the unique architecture of your home. Plus, our retractable screens are available in a variety of colours.

When not in use, they’re virtually invisible. Our retractable screens are there when you need them, hidden when you don’t.

Are All Retractable Screens the Same?

At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., we offer a range of retractable screen products and services to suit the special needs of each of our clients.

Unlike other retractable screens on the market, where wind can cause the screens to blow out and get damaged, our retractable screens are designed with our exclusive “Wind Bar” bracing technology and are built to withstand high wind loads and impacts. As the only provider of self-correcting motorized screens in Canada, our retractable screens automatically feed back into the tracks to keep the screens tight. The longer the screen remains taut, the better it will roll up and down and the longer it will last.

Dreamscreens Canada Inc. is a 100% a family-owned and operated Canadian business. All of our screens are custom-made to order to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Benefits of Retractable Screens

  • Energy efficiency
  • Protection from external elements
  • Privacy
  • Light and temperature control for outdoor spaces
  • Extends use of outdoor space
  • Beautiful finishes that match the aesthetic of your home
  • Contemporary style options that suit your preferences

Since 1999, Dreamscreens Canada Inc. has been the go-to most trusted custom retractable screen door provider for homeowners in North America. Installation is convenient and simple. We can install any retractable screen door in one to three hours. If you choose to do the installation yourself, we provide all of the components necessary to make it easy for you. To learn more about our products, feel free to visit our showroom in Oakville or contact us!