Retractable Sun Shades in Toronto

Retractable Sun ShadeDo you have a south-facing backyard that gets a lot of sun in the summertime? Too much sun in your space can heat up your home a lot faster, causing your air conditioning to go into overdrive to cool down your home. Not only does overheating put a great deal of strain on your AC unit, but it can also make the temperatures inside your home incredibly uncomfortable during the peak summer months. At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., we have the perfect solution to alleviate this issue: expertly designed and crafted retractable sun shades or screens.

For over 20 years, we’ve been supplying Canadians with durable and aesthetically-pleasing retractable sun shades perfect for any outdoor use. Retractable sun shades can be installed on your deck, back patio, or even on attached and detached garages or other private structures.

What Are Retractable Sun Shades?

Retractable sun shades are tinted screens that offer optimal sun protection and shade when you need it most. With our wide selection of beautiful colours and fabrics, our high-end retractable shade screens are guaranteed to enhance the look and curb appeal of your home. You can customize the look of your sun shades to match or complement the exterior aesthetic of your home. The screen can be open when you want a little extra shade and retracted into a discreetly installed housing unit when you don’t.

Retractable sun shades for your deck or patio do so much more than block out the harsh UV rays from the sun. They also offer incredible protection from insects and offer privacy, so that you and your family can enjoy more outdoor time together.

Installation is quick and easy. You can either turn it into a fun DIY project or have one of our licensed installers come and do it for you.

Features of Retractable Sun Shades

Dreamscreens Canada Inc. proudly offers a wide range of sun shades that can be custom-fitted and designed according to the architectural structure of your home. Our sun shades are a shining example of expert craftsmanship, Canadian design ingenuity, and integrity. Here are just some of the features that make our line of retractable shade screens stand out from our competitors:

  • Patented designs that make our products more reliable and easier to install
  • Our limited lifetime warranty on all components of our screen shades
  • Energy efficient design
  • Protection from all external elements
  • Contemporary style options
  • Our exclusive Mesh Lock track design and automatic release feature that prevents screen damage from harsh impact
  • Our patented Wind Bar brace technology that allows our screens to withstand high wind loads and impacts

Get Ready to Experience Beautiful Visibility with Our Retractable Sun Shades in Toronto

Dreamscreens Canada Inc. is a proud family owned and operated business. As such, we put a lot of heart, soul, and care into manufacturing only the highest quality products to deliver to our customers. Over the years, we’ve built up a reputation for being one of the world’s finest designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of high-end sun shade screens for residential properties. Contact us today to learn more or feel free to visit our showroom in Oakville, Ontario!