I just wanted to write a short note expressing my thanks to the entire team at Dreamscreens for their wonderful customer service. We love our Dreamscreen, but after 6 years we needed to replace the screen. Since we purchased our home with the Dreamscreen already installed we did not have any paperwork – just the company name on the handle.It took only one phone call to Elizabeth and an appointment was provided for me to drive down to their Oakville shop and have one of the technicians replace the screen and perform a small retrofit. All I can say is that the entire team was friendly, polite and efficient and within the hour I came back to pick up my ‘new’ Dreamscreen. The guys were careful not to allow me to leave without explaining the installation and to see if I had any questions at all. I installed the new screen and everything is perfect.
It isn’t my nature to make a special effort to recognize great customer service – mainly because we have been conditioned NOT to expect it! However I felt compelled to share my experience and to thank the entire team at Dreamscreens Canada Inc. for your terrific service!