Make Your Outdoor Space More Comfortable This Summer with Motorized Screens

Patio season is officially in the air—and so are mosquitos, wasps, bees, hornets, and other vital, yet irritating insects. By now, it’s likely that you’ve already fulfilled the majority of your gardening and outdoor space beautifying tasks for the season. The flowers are already planted; now it’s just time to watch them bloom. So why not get the most out of your stunning outdoor space by amplifying the comfort level and the curb appeal of your property?

Retractable motorized patio screens are the best way to get the most out of your beautiful backyard that you work so hard to maintain without being directly exposed to irritating insects and harmful UV rays from the sun.

Retractable Screen System

What Are Motorized Outdoor Screens and How Do They Work?

Motorized outdoor patio screens are designed with a decorative and protective layer of durable weather-resistant mesh that encloses your patio space, so that you can maximize your enjoyment of your backyard in style all summer long.

Retractable motorized outdoor screens consist of a discreetly placed housing unit that stores the mesh material when it’s not in use. For your convenience, they can be operated using a remote control that allows you to move the mesh screens up and down as needed for maximum or partial shade and coverage. Outdoor motorized patio screens such as those offered by Dreamscreens Canada Inc. also come fully equipped with our patented Mesh Lock feature that helps prevent damages from windy weather conditions and other elements.

How Motorized Outdoor Screens Can Change Your Outdoor Space for the Better?

Motorized outdoor screens serve a number of different practical and aesthetic functions that can improve your living space and make it more enjoyable. Believe it or not, installing stylish and high-end motorized outdoor screen doors can boost your home’s curb appeal and make it more useable for you and your family in the following ways.

Protection from UV Rays Exposure

Canada has a reputation for being a lot like a frozen arctic tundra in the winter. But what a lot of foreigners don’t realize though is that certain parts of Ontario can actually get quite hot in the summer with temperatures rising as high as 30 to 35 degrees Celsius during a mid-July heat wave. Strong temperatures and sun exposure like that can make spending time in your backyard unbearable, which is especially unfortunate after having spent so much time indoors due to the pandemic.

Motorized retractable screens can provide exceptional shade and protection from harmful UV rays while allowing optimal air flow so that you can maximize your comfort levels while enjoying your outdoor space and patio.

Integrate a Smart Home System Inside and Out

Wireless options are available for automated motorized screen door operations. Now, you can use your smartphone for various applications and to perform a number of functions throughout your home. But the concept of a smart home doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to the interior. If you choose to go this route, you can integrate your interior smart home technology with outdoor functionality, which allows you to control your motorized outdoor shades using an app on your phone. How cool is that?

Extend Your Living Space into the Backyard

Another great function of installing motorized retractable outdoor screens is that they allow you to effortlessly extend your living space directly into your backyard. You can amalgamate your indoor living room with your patio at minimal cost by simply closing it in. This is the perfect option if you happen to have a small living space but love to entertain large groups in the summer.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Installing motorized retractable screens for shade help you reduce your monthly energy costs in the summer. Whether the front or back of your home gets the most sun exposure, the heat coming in through the windows (even when they’re closed) can force your air conditioning to go into overdrive to offset the naturally rising temperatures. Motorized retractable screens provide additional shade that prevents strong UV rays and sunlight from making their way into your home, which eases some of the pressure from your AC unit and maintains even temperature control in typically hot spots throughout your home. In turn, the reduced strain on your AC unit can also help reduce your energy costs in the summer.

Increase Outdoor Space Privacy and Safety

Privacy and safety are a major concern for homeowners who have open-ended backyards that are in close proximity to neighbours. Motorized retractable screens offer a practical and affordable solution that enhances safety and privacy measures for you and your family.

Keep Bugs Out

Nothing is more annoying than trying to enjoy a meal out on your back patio than having uninvited guests like insects and other critters crash the party. With motorized outdoor screens, you can simply lower the shades and enjoy a nice, insect-free meal on your back patio or deck for as long as you want.

Turn Your Backyard into Your Dream Space!

Since 1999, Dreamscreens Canada has been one of the leading suppliers of state-of-the-art fully customizable motorized outdoor screens, shades, and doors. Our products are extremely durable and versatile, complete with Mesh Lock and Wind Bar technology to maintain our high-quality standards and ensure the longevity of your investment. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to place an order!