Why Buy a Screened in Porch?

After years of neglect, after playing second fiddle to the living room, basement, or patio, the porch is finally starting to gain as much respect as the rest of your house. Why? Because the porch — rear, front, side, or whole house — is the last untapped source of relaxation the average homeowner can find that has so much potential. For this very reason, more homeowners are considering the benefits of a screened in porch than ever before, and no company in the Greater Toronto Area can help a porch realize its full potential more than the experts at Dreamscreens Canada Inc.

Why Buy a Screened in Porch?

screen porch
A screened in porch can dramatically enhance the appearance of any home, as well as improve its overall energy efficiency and add more entertainment options. This is especially important in a small house, where a homeowner may have little space to work with, or in a situation where outdoor activities are suddenly curtailed due to inclement weather.

At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., we have been the leader in retractable screen doors and screened in porch enclosures since 2000 and have earned thousands of satisfied clients due to our custom designed and high quality products, installation expertise, and commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction. What started out as a humble endeavor installing competitors’ models of screen doors soon morphed into the idea of custom made screens and enclosures that were easier to work with, had a longer lifespan, and were more stylish than anything else on the market.

In a challenging economy where homeowners have to watch every penny they spend but still wish to extract as much value from their residence as they can, an ideal solution is outfitting a porch with screen doors and enclosure panels. Whether expansive with multiple areas or openings, or something as simple as one door fed by steps and a walkway, porches offer an inexpensive means to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living without the discomfort associated with rain, wind, or bugs. This is the perfect opportunity to enlist the team at Dreamscreens Canada Inc. to show you the possibilities of a new screened in porch and how it can improve the appearance of your home and quality of life.

Our screened in porch enclosures are made from the finest aluminum frames and screen materials available, meticulously crafted in our manufacturing facilities to the highest quality standards possible. Unlike many “one size fits all” products sold at big box realtors, our enclosures are custom made, beginning with a thorough onsite inspection and measurement process. Next, our designers work with each customer on the perfect enclosure through the use of 3D design software that brings the finished product to life — before manufacturing even takes place.

Whether used for relaxation after a long day at work, an extra playroom for children, or for outdoor entertaining, a screened in porch is an ideal solution to adding aesthetic appeal and value to your home for years to come.

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