What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Blinds for Your Home?

Canada is currently in the midst of the winter blues. But before we know it, the weather will start to warm up and make way for spring, better known as patio season! Although Canadians are generally known for enjoying outdoor winter activities like sledding, skating, building snowmen, skiing, and snowboarding, many of us have had enough of the bitter cold temperatures by the end of January. With patio season on the horizon, more people are excited about spending time in their backyards and making use of their outdoor space without being directly exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun and being eat alive by mosquitos.Outdoor Blinds

If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider installing outdoor blinds or shades for your backyard. Not only are outdoor blinds in Canada practical and affordable, but they’re also energy efficient and can help boost your property value in a number of ways.

Are Outdoor Blinds in Canada a Good Investment for Your Home?

Winter in Canada officially only lasts three months, but the frigid temperatures last a lot longer than that. Many regions of Canada, especially Ontario, get their first snowfall of the season in mid to late-November if not sooner. The cold temperatures and inclement weather conditions can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor space all year-round, which is a big shame if you’ve invested time and money into installing an expensive patio space.

Outdoor shades and blinds provide a practical, affordable, and stylish solution. They allow you to get more use out of your patio during the spring, summer, and fall months without directly being exposed to the elements.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Blinds for Your Home?

As you can see, outdoor blinds are a worthy investment for any residential property for a number of reasons. As a unique combination of form and functionality, outdoor blinds serve to enhance and complement the existing architectural features of your home while providing shade, UV rays protection, and insect protection for you and your family as you spend quality time outside.

Here’s a more detailed look at the many benefits of installing outdoor blinds for your home.

Turn Your Backyard Patio into a Private Sanctuary

Your backyard is an extension of your home. Realtors may not necessarily include it in the square footage of their property listings, but many homeowners certainly see it that way—especially when it comes to privacy factors. After all, that’s why people put up fences separating their property lines from their neighbours.

Privacy also connotes a sense of safety and security. Installing state-of-the-art weather resistant outdoor blinds can enhance your backyard’s privacy capabilities and ensure that you and your family feel comfortable using your outdoor space at all times.

Versatile Features

Another benefit of installing outdoor blinds for your home is that they provide a series of versatile and unique features that can enhance your experience using your outdoor space. Advanced motorized outdoor blinds, for instance, allow you to control how much coverage you require at any given time. Whether you want to keep the blinds partially open or fully lowered while you use your outdoor space is completely up to you.

Other versatile features of outdoor blinds include:

  • Rugged design features that protect the fabric
  • Seamless housing unit integration to match the style and architecture of your home
  • Discreet housing unit installation
  • Automatic release features to prevent damage caused by strong winds and other external elements

Protection from External Elements

Adding to the versatility factor, outdoor shades also provide excellent protection from external elements such as wind, dust blowing over from nearby construction sites, and most notably insects. Now you and your family can spend hours in your backyard enjoying the beautiful spring and summer weather without combatting mosquitos and other seasonal insects or pests.

Backyard BBQs, cookouts, lunches, and fun games can be enjoyed in peace without the constant threat of uninvited critters crashing your party and ruining your good time.

Outdoor shades also provide protection from the potentially harmful UV rays of the sun, which is especially essential during the overwhelming heat waves Ontario gets in mid-July. Outdoor shades are ideal for backyards and patios that get a lot of strong sun exposure throughout the day and they also protect your plants from overheating.

Plus, with an additional heat source, you can extend your patio season into the spring and fall.

Choose from a Variety of Unique Style and Colour Options

Outdoor blinds and shades in Canada are fully customizable to match the exact architectural style components and aesthetic of your home. The housing units are compactly designed, making them easy to install in an inconspicuous location that’s completely out of sight. Housing units are usually installed directly inside an opening, on the surface of an opening, or they’re recessed into a column depending on the design of your home. Plus, you can choose from a number of screen colours and design options that match the aesthetic of your home.

The screens can be automatically controlled using a remote, so they’re there when you need them and hidden in the housing unit when you don’t.

Extend Your Home’s Living Space

Lastly, outdoor blinds and shades allow you to extend your home’s living space. You can leave your backyard or patio door open to allow for natural air flow in your home throughout the spring and summer months. This will also encourage you to get more use out of your patio and transition easily from indoor to outdoor use when hosting social functions.

Where to Get High-Quality Outdoor Blinds in Canada

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