Screen Rooms

Want to enjoy the great outdoors but would rather stay home? Interested in a relaxing beverage after hours on your porch, but without the bother of mosquitoes or other pests? If you answered yes to either question, then a screen room from Dreamscreens Canada Inc. is the perfect solution to enjoying fresh air while avoiding the more discomforting aspects of Mother Nature.

At Dreamscreens Canada Inc., we have been the leading retailer of high quality but affordable screen enclosures, screen rooms, sliding screen doors, and bug screens since 2002. Retractable screen products have been around for decades, but our innovative designs and expert manufacturing process has taken the concept of a screen room to a whole new level related to quality, maintenance, and durability.

Every Screen Room We Produce Offers Uncompromising Value and Unparalleled Features

screen room
What sets Dreamscreens Canada Inc. apart from the competition? Besides our legendary commitment to 100 percent customer satisfaction, we have distinguished ourselves from other companies because we custom design and manufacture each product we sell, right here in Canada. Nothing is outsourced to low-cost sweatshops or imported from overseas distributors for the sake of lower prices. Instead, customers can be assured they are receiving the most value for their dollar. What do our screen room products offer that others do not?

  • Full length magnets
  • Thresholds
  • Custom handles
  • 3 sided construction
  • Powder coated aluminum frames
  • 30 percent heavier extrusions

These, of course, are just a sample of the impressive list of features included with every screen room that proudly bears the Dreamscreens Canada Inc. name. What is even more impressive, however, are the “little” details that make our screens and enclosures the highest rated in the industry, such as reinforced welded screen bottoms that add up to 10 times the normal screen life of competing products, or motorized screens offering full ventilation and protection from bugs and the elements.

Each screen room that we manufacture and install is custom designed, but not before our team visits your home to take exact measurements, discusses your objectives and determines how they can be met in a timely and affordable manner. When it comes to the best screen enclosures, there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” solution.

Because each residence — from its architecture to interior decor — is an extension of the homeowner’s personality, a screen room should be no different. Our consultants will work with you on a design that accentuates your home’s existing decor without overwhelming other attractive features such as windows or landscaping. All of our screen enclosure products are available in a wide range of colors, including White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Taupe, Beige, Ivory, and Sand.

All of our products are custom made by our employees and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty on parts and a 12 month warranty on labor. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if something goes wrong, we are here to resolve it promptly. To learn more about our products,

call Dreamscreens today at 888-282-4678.