Increase Privacy on Your Deck with Motorized Retractable Wall Screens

Spring and summer are fast approaching! After being forced to spend the majority of your time indoors over the past couple of months, you and your family are probably starting to feel the cabin fever setting in, if it hasn’t already. If you’re seriously itching to spend some quality time outside in your backyard but are worried about a lack of privacy or too many bugs, then installing outdoor motorized retractable wall screens is a great solution.

Outdoor privacy screens for decks are the perfect combination of form, functionality, and durability. Furthermore, they’re extremely affordable and offer a number of worthwhile benefits such as protection from harmful UV rays, shade for shade-loving plants, and an extension of your living space to name a few.

Retractable Screen Wall

Do You Need More Privacy for Your Deck or Patio?

If your backyard is designed in such a way that the neighbours directly behind your house can see right into your space, then you may want to consider installing high-quality motorized privacy screens for your patio or deck. Even if you have a good relationship with your neighbours, sometimes it’s nice to be able to go out onto your patio or deck to do a little gardening, entertaining, or relaxing in private.

Motorized retractable wall screens give you unparalleled outdoor privacy when you need it and they disappear completely into their housing when you don’t. These incredibly durable and versatile motorized retractable screens for your deck and patio are also weather-, wind-, and impact-resistant.

Designed to last a lifetime and increase your curb appeal, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth when you install a state-of-the-art privacy screen for your deck or patio.

Do You Want to Keep Bugs Out when You’re Relaxing on Your Deck?

Aside from privacy issues and strong rays from the sun, another common backyard issue in the summertime is dealing with annoying insects, especially if you happen to live near a ravine, river, lake, or any other body of water. Although some insects like bumble bees and butterflies are welcome in your garden, you probably don’t want pests like flies, beetles, and wasps constantly buzzing around when you’re trying to enjoy time on your deck.

Retractable motorized privacy screens for your deck or patio effectively keep bugs away, making it easier and more enjoyable to entertain in your backyard. Now you don’t have to worry about insects bothering you and your guests while you enjoy a delicious meal outdoors.

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