Advantages of Installing Motorized Screen Doors for Your Home

Home ownership comes with a great sense of pride. To get the most out of every aspect of your home—including your outdoor space—you need to add a few personal touches to make it truly unique to your taste. Motorized retractable screen systems can add an extra sense of security against the elements, while also protecting your backyard patio from more natural intruders such as annoying insects and harmful UV rays. Keep reading to learn about some of the main advantages of installing motorized screen doors or roll-down screens for your home.

Retractable Screen Doors

Temperature Regulation

Motorized screens regulate the temperature in your garage or on your backyard deck, keeping you cooler in the spring and summer and warmer during the fall. For your own privacy and protection, you have the option of choosing between 95%, 90%, or 80% coverage, depending on your desired level of visibility and sun blocking capabilities.

Protection Against Insects and Bad Weather

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a nice dinner or get-together on your deck only to be constantly bombarded with mosquitos, flies, yellow hornets, and other outdoor pests. Wind and rain can also put a damper on your good time. Retractable motorized screen systems offer ample protection against bothersome insects and bad weather so that you can enjoy your outdoor time in peace.

Energy Savings

Motorized screens can effectively block out the majority of the sunlight entering your home during the spring and summer months, which reduces the amount of pressure on your air conditioner. Alternatively, retracting the motorized screens in the fall and winter has the opposite effect. Allowing more natural light into your home helps maintain warm temperatures so your heating system doesn’t have to expend as much energy heating up your space.

Increased Curb Appeal

Modern, attractive, and stylish motorized screen systems are the perfect combination of form and functionality. They can increase the curb appeal and value of your home by simply setting it apart from other residential properties on your street.

Customizable and Elegant

Outdoor roller shades and motorized screens can be custom-tailored in design, colour, and fabric to match the exterior façade of your home perfectly.

State-of-the-Art Wind Bar Technology

Motorized screen systems from Dreamscreens Canada Inc. come with uniquely advanced Wind Bar technology that protects the mesh screens from wear and tear due to frequent usage.

The wind bar tightly holds the mesh screen in place to prevent it from tearing, shifting, or falling down when it comes into contact with wind. This maintains its functionality, appearance, and longevity so that it can last for many years to come.

Extend Your Living Space with Motorized Screen Solutions from Dreamscreens Canada Inc.

When it comes to custom stylish and durable motorized screens and doors, there’s one name Canadians trust the most: Dreamscreens Canada Inc. We’re a family-owned and operated business that provides the highest quality retractable motorized screen systems for residential properties. Contact us today to learn more about our products.